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Tzemach Group - Working for your comfort


General Information

Tzemach Group Is one of the leading real estate companies in Israel founded by entrepreneur Avi Tzemach.

The Company's employees includes engineers, architects, contractors, project managers, lawyers, threatens and economists leading in the real estate market. We are associated with leading architectural firms in Israel that leave their unique mark on every project we execute. The contracting company known as "Shahf, construction and rehabilitation of buildings Ltd." was also founded by Avi Tzemach in 1986 and is responsible for carrying out many projects for 27 years.


Our Services

Our main activity is the development and construction of residential projects and commercial projects including Tama 38 city plan. The company has professional experience and financial resources that provide its customers with a significant advantage. The company is an ideal partner for the execution of Tama 38 projects hence it being the developer and the contractor.


The company's founder Avi Tzemach has an extensive experience in all the areas of real estate and is an integral part of the company and the projects it carries out.



Why Contact us?

Along with our vast experience, economic resources, personal service, uncompromising reliability and unique vision we welcome you to join us and be a part of the success that is Tzemach Group.




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Our Projects

134 Jabotinsky St., Ramat-gan (Beit david)Office - 03-5587815

Mobile - 054-7222774

Fax - 03-5587919